Pedego Groton is not just another shopping mall style bike store, it is a rewarding visitor experience in and of itself. Pedego Groton is located on the historic Groton Family Farm Property, currently a 7 acre homestead in the heart of the Groton civic district on locally named Fort Hill Road ( Route 1 / Colonial Boston Post Road ) The property has been continuously owned by the Burrows family since the late 1700’s, with the ancestor grandfather, Robert Burrows, being the very first English settler in West Mystic in the mid 1600’s. He received original land grants from the Connecticut Colony and was awarded the first charter to operate the Mystic River ferry. Immediately to the East is Fort Hill, a prominent local hilltop which was the pre colonial site of a native American Pequot village. This outpost village, along with the more fortified village on Pequot Hill in West Mystic was ultimately destroyed during the Pequot war of 1637. Within minutes to the South is the combined Bluff Point / Haley Farm State Park and Preserve, a 1,000 acre coastal treasure with unparalleled local natural wonders. To the West, Pedego Groton conveniently connects with beautiful country and coastal roads that lead you to the Thames River with sweeping views of Long Island Sound and coastal New London City. With a range of 30-40 miles on a single e-bike battery charge, you will be within easy riding distance of no less than 4 historic districts, each unique in character, history and scenery. This area prominently displays numerous iconic landmarks, memorials, naval military / coast guard, corporate and industrial defense centers reflecting the rich history of the townspeople for nearly 4 centuries. Among the most commemorated is the Revolutionary War battlefield site at Fort Griswold, sitting atop Groton Heights with a commanding view of New London City. Pedego Groton is very pleased to enrich your experience by providing industry leading electric bikes, particularly well adapted to this expansive and diverse territory. We have a large fleet of touring bikes with many different models and colors and an ever growing inventory of e-bikes for your ownership. Your host and store owner / operator is Paul Ward, a life long touring enthusiast with extensive experience guiding motorcyclists, snowmobilers and other travelers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. As a retiring career CPA, he is now ready to unleash a new round of excitement by introducing you to the engineering marvels of Pedego electric bikes for both ownership and touring in this fantastic territory, We hope you will visit and join us this riding season.

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